Any player red-carded in junior or youth football in Wexford competitions is automatically suspended for the next Game + committee decision whether League or Cup games. If he is to get a longer suspension, that will be notified to his club secretary, as well as being published here (up to a maximum of six games).

If a player is suspended in his own league, his suspension is served in his own league so he is eligible to play in FAI / LFA competitions. The player does not have a choice of missing the FAI / LFA game and covering his suspension that way. The reverse also means that players sent off in FAI / LFA competitions serve their suspension in that competition, if still in it. If beaten, the suspension is served in the next Wexford League competitive game.

Suspensions 16.09.19

Darragh Kenny, Courtown Hibs

Jonathan Dempsey, Ballagh

( 1 Game)

Dylan Furlong, Glynn Barntown

( 3 Games )

Suspensions 09.09.19

Eoin Quigley, Gorey Rangers

Craig Coughlan, Crossabeg

( 1 Game)


Bartek Walkowiat, Shamrock Rovers

Joe Akinyemi, Shamrock Rovers

Conor Parle, Rosslare Strand

Dylan Sinnott, Wexford Bohs

Nathan Byrne, Camolin

Gary Murphy, Curracloe

( 1 Game )

Danny Roche, Kilmore Utd

( 2 Games )

Suspensions 24.06.19

Gary Delaney. North End Utd.

( 3 Games )

Suspensions 27.05.19

Darragh Breen, Moyne Rangers

Darragh Furlong, Fastnet R

( 1 Game )

Suspensions  20.05.19

Devon Furlong, Kilmore

Paul Malone, North End Utd

Lee Walker, North End Utd

Marty Kelly, Shamrock Rovers

James Carthy, Shamrock Rovers

Ricky Fox, Shamrock Rovers

Eddie Black, Shamrock Rovers

( 2 Games )

Sean Miller, Shamrock Rovers

( 4 Games )


Jack Byrne Wexford Bohs,

( 4 Games.)


Suspensions 14.05.19

Pa O Brien, St Josephs

Michael Barry, Rosslare Port

Gavin O Brien, Gorey Rangers

Craig Foster, Gorey Rangers

( 2 Games)


Aaron Whelan, St.Leonards

(1 Game)

Sean Breen. Moyne Rangers

( 6 Games)

Suspensions 29.04.19

Willie Murphy, KIlmore

Nathan Bates, Kilmore

Padraig Lynch, Shelburne

Jimmy Kinsella, Oylegate

Glen Fortune, Ajax

Gavin Griffiths, Gorey Rangers

Gary Delaney, North End

David Jordan, Kiltealy

David Littleton, Wexford Bohs

Ryan Dywer, Enniscorthy Utd

Adam O Connor, Cloughbawn

Peter Nolan, Castledockrell

Kenneth Byrne, Gorey Celtic

Mark Browne, Bridge Rovers

Dylan Egan, New Ross Town

(2 Games)

Stephen O Leary, New Ross Town

( 6 Games)


Cian Roche, Wexford Celtic

( 2 Games)

Suspensions 16.04.19

Ryan Dobbs, Enniscorthy Utd

Gary Lynch, Oylegate

Mick Quigley, Castledockell

Martin flynn , Killenagh

John Whelan, Enniscorthy Utd

Stephen Lacey, St.Cormacs

Jordan Jarrett, North End

( 2 Games )

Dane McGarry, Tombrack

( 5 Games )

Suspensions 08.04.19

Reece Broaders, Rosslare Rangers

Alan Quigley, Oylegate

Rory Reville, Carne

Noel Simpson, Forth Celtic

Joe Hyland, Enniscorthy Town

David Christie, Gorey Rangers

Kevin Kennedy, Gorey Rangers

Jack Carroll, Shamrock Rovers

( 2 Games)


Suspensions 01.04.19

Wayne Doyle, Enniscorthy Town

Robbie O Neill, Enniscorthy Town

Jason Petitte, All Blacks

Lee Harpur, Rosslare Port

Stephen O Leary, New Ross Town

Robert Dempsey, Glynn Barntown

Gavin O Brien, Gorey Rangers

( 2 Games )

Eric Quinn, Gorey Rangers

(3 Games)



Suspensions 25.03.19

Mick Kehoe, Cloughbawn

Kieran Kehoe, Rosslare Port

Paul McCleane, Bridge Rovers

Ray McClone, Bridge Rovers

John Tyrell, Curracloe

Donal Kiely, St.Leonards

Ryan Hadley, Ajax Ath

Mikie Barden, Fethard Rngs

Stephen Hempenstall, Gorey Rangers

David Rusczychi, New Ross Town

Barry Quirke, Rosslare Rangers

Marty Kelly, Shamrock Rovers

Barry O Connor, Moyne Rngs

( 2 Games )

Sean Burke, Moyne Rangers

(4 Games)

Cathal  Murphy, Corach Rmblrs

( 6 Games )


Suspensions 11.03.19

Jamie Walsh, Tombrack

(  2 Games.)

Suspensions 04.03.19

Martin Delaney, Taghmon

Thomas Furlong Taghmon

Jimmy Whelan, Cushinstown

Jack Hanley, Ajax

Mark Flanagan, Gorey Rangers

Dylan Dalton, Bree

Ian Bradley, Raheen

Graham Sinnott, Corach Rmblrs

Shane Mythen, All Blacks

Kevin Price, Forth Celtic

Michael Murphy, Wexford Bohs

( 2 Games)

Kyle Dempsey, North End

( 4 Games )


Suspensions 25.02.19

Matty Kavanagh. Courtown Hibs

Michael Kinsella , Courtown Hibs

Tommy Walshe, Duncannon

Brendan O Neill,Cushinstown

Brian Minogue, Shelburne

( 2 Games )


Brandon O Brien, Wexford Celtic

Ciaran Walshe, St.Cormacs

(1 Game)

Suspensions 18.02.19

Anthony Donohoe, Killenagh

Jamie McMahon, Rosslare Port

Michael Kelly, New Ross Celtic

Keane Kelly, New Ross Celtic

Gordon Simpson, Forth Celtic

Alan Larkin, Wexford Celtic

John Bridges, Wexford Celtic

Alan Browne, Wexford Celtic

Kieran Kelly, Shelburne

( 2 Games)

Dylan Egan, New Ross Town

( 4 Games )


Suspensions 11.02.19

David Moore, All Blacks

Adrian Murphy, All Blacks

Killian Cushe, Gorey Rangers

Ian Farrell, Wexford Bohs

Stephen McCormack, Oylegate

Pat Power, Corach Ramblrs

Dickie Redmond, Ferns Utd

William Doyle, Enniscorthy Utd

James Dunne, Bunclody

Mick Kennedy, Cushinstown

Ricky Fox, Shamrock Rovers.

( 2 Games)

Sean McGrath, Cushinstown

(3 Games )

Suspensions 04.02.19

Daryl Parle, Campile

Philip Walsh , Bree

Mick Walsh, St.Cormacs

Andy Moore, Wexford Bohs.

( 2 Games)

Stephen McGuire, Rosslare Port

( 6 Games)

Suspensions 28.01.19

Keith Crosby Camolin

Glen Carton, Camolin

Stephen Casey, Oylegate

John Doyle, Killenagh

Gary Sinnott, New Ross Town

Enda Wickham, Raheen

Gary O Reilly, St.Josephs

Aaran Larkin, Enniscorthy Utd

( 2 Games )

Noel Dwyer, Enniscorthy Utd

(4 Games)


Thomas Jeffers, Tombrack

( 2 Games )

Suspensions 21.01.19

Stuart Murphy Taghmon

John Keane Killenagh

Eoin Oshea Glynn Barntown

James Walshe Tombrack

James Culleton, Carne

Reece Broaders, Rosslare Port

Mick Walshe, Rosslare Port

(2 Games)

Andrew Kavanagh, St.Josephs

(4 Games)

Suspensions 14.01.19

Paul Walshe, Ballymurn

Noel Dempsey, Ballagh

Fenwick O Shea, Ajax

Anthony Westnott, Rathnure

David Murphy, New Ross Town

Darragh Kenny, Taghmon

Ken O Neill, New Ross Celtic

( 2 Games)

Ger Power, Taghmon

( 4 Games)


Barry Adamston, Gorey Rangers

(2 Games)

Ian Donohoe, Bree

(1 Game)

Suspensions 17.12.18

Kyle Turner, North End

Conor Thorpe, Bunclody

Seweryn Gadzina, Bunclody

Cian Boggan, Crossabeg

Will McCreary, Crossabeg

Jay Malone, Kilmore

Luliam Geara, Ferns Utd

John Staples, Corach Rmblrs

( 2 Games)


Mar Rual, Enniscorthy Utd.

( 2 Games)

Suspensions 10.12.18

Josh Lynch, Killenagh

Dylan Dalton, Bree Utd

Jimmy Nolan, Rathnure

Daryl Murphy, Camolin

Stephen McGuire, Rosslare Port

David Savage, Courtown

Steven Lacey, St.Cormacs

Gary O Connor, New Ross Town

Kevin Dugdale, Shamrock Rovers

( 2 Games)

Des Wolohan, Gorey Celtic

( 3 Games)


Oigin Tyrell. St Josephs

(2 Games)

Shane Power, St Leonards

(1 Game)


Suspensions 03.12.18

Stephen McGuire, Rosslare Port

Anthony Dwyer, Ferns Utd

( 2 Games)

Suspensions 26.11.18

Brian Lawlor, Rathnure

Gavin Murphy, Cloughbawn

Dicky Redmond, Ferns

( 2 Games )


Sam O Brien, Shamrock Rovers

David Noonan Bridge Rovers

( 1 game)

Suspensions 19.11.18

Mathew Duffy, Wexford Celtic

David Kearney, Shamrock Rovers

Tadhg Cahill, Corach Rmblrs

David Halpin, Bunclody

PJ Mulhall, Bunclody

Barry Coughlan, Crossabeg

Leigh Aylward, Carne

JJ Jordan, Castledockrell

Zach Hayden, Killenagh

John Keane, Killenagh

Wayne O Reilly, Gorey Celtic

( 2 Games)


Charlie Freegrove, Gorey Celtic

( 1 Game )

Kuba Krukek, Gorey Rangers

( 2 Games )


Suspensions 05.11.18

Chris Quinn, Campile

Jamie McMahon, Rosslare Port

Mick Quigley, Castledockrell

Bob Spillane, Caim

Cathal Murphy, Corach

John Dunbar, Gorey Celtic

( 2 Games)


Richard Brown Wexford Cetic

Cieann Walshe, St Cormacs

Fionn Walshe St Cormacs

(2 Games)

Jack Byrne, Wexford Bohs

(1 Game)

Suspensions 22.10.18

Tommy Kennedy, Enniscorthy Town

Jason Murphy, Campile

Dylan Nolan, Duncannon

Barry Breen, Ferns

Joe Miller, Enniscorthy Utd

Kevin Keating, Kilmore

Dane McGarry, Tombrack

( 2 Games )

Stephen O Leary, New Ross Twn

( 4 Games )

Suspensions 15.10.18

Jordan Kennedy, Kiltealy

Ronan Kenny, Camolin

Jake Doyle, Carne

David O Brien, Oylgate

Shane O Rourke, Ballymurn

Kevin Rellis, Castledockrell

Ryan Dwyer, Enniscorthy Utd

Jamie Wilson, Bunclody

Eoin Dunbar, Bunclody

Emmett Fox, Crossabeg

Brian Lawlor,Rathnure

Norman Carr, Bree

Mark Connick, Cushinstown

( 2 Games.)

Suspensions 8.10.18

Paudric Lacey Caim Utd

Stephen McCormack, Oylegate

Jason Murphy, Shelburne

Jimmy Nolan, Rathnure

Ciaran Parle, Campile

Paddy Roche, Campile

Padraig O Toole , Shamrock Rovers

Martin Kinsella, New Ross Town

( 2 Games)

Tony Melay, Bunclody

( 4 Games )

Suspensions 1.10.18

Dan Murphy, Glynn Barntown

Anthony Dwyer, Ferns

Mickie Barden, Fethard Rngs

James Culleton, Carne

Eamon Cash, Enniscorthy Town

Shane Lawlor, Rathnure

P.J. O Brien, Castledockrell

Billy Miller, Enniscorthy Utd

(2 Games)

Mark Furlong, Rosslare Rangers

( 4 Games)


Kyle Kenny, St Josephs

(1 Game)

Suspensions 24.09.18

Jason Petitte, All Blacks

Mark Borwne Bridge Rvrs

Dylan Redmond, Wexford Celtic

Jon Reville, Corach Rmblrs

Cathal Murphy, Corach Rmblrs

Michael Foley, Duncannon

( 2 Games )

Ken Redmond, Rahtnure

( 6 Games )


Declan Davitt, Cushinstown

Jack Salt, Tombrack

Sam O Brien Shamrock Rovers

( 2 Games)

Thomas Murphy, Curracloe

( 3 Games)

Suspensions 17.09.18

Peter Cullen, Enniscorthy Utd

Padraig Kavanagh, Raheen Utd

Padraig Rossiter, Forth Celtic

Shane Sinnott, Rosslare Rangers

( 2 Games )

Dwaine Smith, Bunclody

(5 Games)


Aaron Hanley, Corach Ramblers

1 Game

Edward Harney, St.Josephs

2 Games

Suspension 10.09.18

Darragh Kenny, Courtown Hibs

Emmett Dunning, Campile

Niall Gaffney, Cushinstown

Anthony Stamp, Ballagh.

Suspensions 21.05.18

Kyle Mann Wexford Albion

(2 Games)

Suspensions 14.05.18

Eoin Carton,Tombrack Utd

James Carty, Shamrock Rovers

Colin St.Ledger New Ross Celtic

Kenneth Byrne, Gorey Celtic

Ivan Meegan Ferns Utd

marty O Connor, North End Utd

kimak Karkewiltz, Moyne Rangers

Jack Foran, New Ross Town

Keith Donnelly, New Ross Town

Ryan Dwyer Enniscorthy Utd

Damien Cullen Cushinstown

Jamie Kane Courtown

David Fenlon Crossabeg

Alex Wilson, Crossabeg

Tony Ryan, Boolavogue

Fionn Doyle, Boolavogue

Kevin Murphy, Bridge Utd

Gary Murphy Moyne Rngs

( 2 Games)

David kenny, Bridge Rovers 

( 6 Games)


Darragh Kirwan, Enniscorthy Utd

BenMorris, Forth Celtic

( 2 Games )


Suspensions 30.04.18

Adam Terrett King  Gorey Rangers

John Paul Foley, Rosslare Port

Daniel Neagu  Ferns

Willie Murphy Kilmore

Diarmuid Roche, New Ross Town

Stephen O Leary, New Ross Town

Gary O Connor, New Ross Town

Alfredo Barli, Ferns

Illiam Geara Ferns

( 2 Games)

Alan Morrisey, Ferns

( 4 Games )

Suspensions 23.04.18

Tom Fitzgerlad, St.Cormacs

Joe McDonald, Killenagh Wndrs

Kieran Kehoe, Rosslare Port

Colum Kinsella, Corurtown Hibs

John Kavanagh, Gorey Celtic

Darren Brennan, Gorey Celtic

Gary Delaney, North End

Derek Walsh, Bridge Rovers

Terry Gainfort, Bridge Rovers

Alan Bradley, Adamstown,

( 2 Games )


Cian Hanley, Moyne Rangers

Cillian Meyler, Wexford Celtic

( 2 Games )

Suspensions 16.04.18

Gary Collins. Rosslare Strand

Mervyn Maloney, Raheen

Mark McDonagh Boolavogue

Joe Miller, Enniscorthy Utd

Noel Dywer, Enniscorthy utd

Jamie McMahon, Rosslare Port

Ken Cahill, St.Leonards

Stevie Cousins, Kilmore

Philly Sutton, Kilmore

Tommy Dywer, Ferns

Jonathan Moore, Adamstown

Cathal Murphy Stoney Rovers

Shane Franklin, Bunclody

David Halpin, Bunclody

( 2 Games.)


Robert Foley, Ballagh

(1 Game)

Todd Hynes, Wexford Bohs

( 2 Games)

Luke McGuire, Wexford Bohs

( 5 Games,)


Suspensions 09.04.18

Shane O Rourke, Ballymurn.   James Culleton Carne.  Mark Crosbie Crossabeg.    Conor Keeling Crossabeg.   Killian Ronan Castledockrell  David O Leary Shelburne

Paddy Rossiter Ferns,   Dylan Owens North End,   Fran Cleary North End.   Benny Byrne  Ajax.  Graham Nolan  Shamrock Rovers,   Lee Morrisey Shamrock Rovers

Aaron Ronan  Moyne Rangers.  Shane Jordan Bree.   Adi Lupsa Ferns  Bogdan Neago Ferns.  Fergal Kenny Kiltealy, Stephen Power Adamstown. Barry Coughlan Crossabeg

Jamie Wilson Bunclody.  Mick Kelly Tombrack. Darragh Curran  Gorey Celtic, Brian O Loughlin St.Cormacs, Liam Walsh  New Ross Town. Jamie Heffernan Courtown Hibs

( 2 Games)

Mark Butler, Bree

( 4 Games )

Luke Sinnott, Taghmon

( 6 Games )


Owen Mooney, Gorey Celtic

Nathan Byrne, Gorey Rangers

( 2 Games )

James Walsh Taghmon

(1 Game)

Suspensions 26.03.18

Fergal Buckley Carne

patrick Naughton, Killenagh

Richard O Brien, Wexford Celtic

Eoin Carton, Tombrack

Diarmuid Roche, New Ross Town

Niall Gaffney, Cushinstown

Wes Bradley, Adamstown

Suspensions 12.03.18

Colm Stafford, Gorey Celtic

Wes Bradley,  Adamstown

Stephen Furlong, Rathnure

Conor Harpur, Rosslare Strand

Tom O Brien, Bridge Rovers

Bill Goucher, Bridge Rovers

Adrian Redmond, St.Leonards

(2 Games)

Suspensions 26.2.18

James Casey Camolin

Kenneth Redmond, Rathnure

Cian Hayden, Courtown

Colin St.Ledger. Ross Celtic

2 Games

Suspensions 19.02.18

Sean Farnan, Ajax

Timmy McCormack, St.Josephs

William McDonald, Stoney

Gary O Connor, New Ross Town

Chris Cullen, Taghmon

Chris Kelly, Bunclody

David Halpin, Bunclody

( 2 Games)

Tommy Byrne, St.Leonards

(4 Games)


Sean Crosbie, Wexford Albion

(2 Games)



Suspensions 12.2.18

Ryan Dwyer Enniscorthy Utd

Kelham Morrisey, Enniscorthy Utd

Kevin Murphy Bridge Rovers

Ger Power Taghmon Utd

Brian Kennedy, St.Josephs

Peter Nolan Castledockrell

Luke Sinnott Taghmon Utd

Seamie Mcloughlin, Taghmon Utd

( 2 Games)


Tiernan Dempsey, Forth Celtic

Chris Byrne, Bree Utd

(2 Games)

Fionn Byrne, Kilmore

(1 Game)

Suspensions 05.02.18

Mark Walshe Bridge Rovers

Cathal Kenny, Ballagh

Jason Petit, All Blacks

Mark Doyle, All Blacks

Graeme Cullen, St.Leonards

David Cadogan, Adamstown

Tom Shannon, Adamstown

John Keane, Killenagh

Tomas Kelly Rosslare Port

Aidan Byrne, Kiltealy

David Franklin, Ennoscorthy Town

( 2 Games )

P.J. Banville, Campile

(4 Games )


Suspensions 22.01.18
Adam Roche, Gorey Celtic
Rory Newe, Tombrack
Jamie Heffernan, Courtown Hibs
Mick Walsh, Corach Ramblers
Paudric Lacey, Caim
James Culleton Carne
Paul Underwood, Forth Celtic
Chris Connick, Shelburne
Mark Browne, Wexford Albion
Craig Kelly, Wexford Bohs
James Finn, Castledockrell
Alan Dooley, Rosslare Port
(2 Games )

Suspensions 15.01.18
John Breen, Ballymurn
Jimmy O Toole Ballymurn
Tommy Ring, Ballymurn
Ronan Gahan, Ballymurn
Joe McDonald, Killenagh
Alan Bradley, Adamstwon
Gavin O Brien Fastnet
Anthony O Donahue, St Josephs
Martin Kehoe, Cloughbawn
Sean Keane, St.Josephs
Mark Woods, Gorey Rangers
Tony Grace, Wexford Celtic
James Nolan, Rathnure
Adam Long, Duncannon
Colin Sheehan, Shamrock Rovers
Jamie Fox, Enniscorthy Utd
Paddy Barron, Shelburne
Aaron O Grady, Adamstwon
Craig Mould, Bunclody
Jason Malone, Kilmore
(2 Games.)
Sam Audsley,Forth Celtic
(3 Games)
Jay Somers, Bunclody
( 5 Games)
Lewis McComiskey, Cloughbawn
(1 Game)
Nathan O Connor, Moyne Rngs
(2 Games)
Suspensions 11.12.17
Adam Terrett, Gorey Rangers
( 3 Games)
Conor Harpur, Rosslare Strand
Conor Clancy, Rosslare Strand
Sean McGrath, Wexford Celtic
Tommy O Gorman, Stoney Rovers
Shane Cahill, Stoney Rovers
Pete Murphy, Taghmon
Mikie O Brien, Fastnet
( 2 Games)
Fiona Glowatz, Wexford Celtic
( 3 Games.)
Kevin White, Duncannon
(2 Games)
Sean Carley, Kilmore
( 1 Game.)

Suspensions 4.12.17
Ricky Dwyer, Shamrock Rovers
Anthony Feeney, New Ross Town
Tommy O Rourke, Bridge Rovers
Chris Doyle, Glynn Barntown
Conor Lynch, Shelburne
Dillon Kenny, Gorey Celtic
( 2 Games )
Suspensions 27.11.17
David Simpson, Forth Celtic
Stephen O Leary, New Ross Town
Dairmuid Kelly, Fastnet Rvrs
Eoin Rhodes, New Ross Celtic
Bill Goucher, Bridge Rovers
( 2 Games.)
Jes Quigley, Shelburne
Liam Lacey, Curracloe
(1 Game)
Shane Breen, Ferns
(2 Games)
Suspensions 20.11.17
Mark Butler, Bree
Niall Finn, St.Cormacs
Vinnie Sullivan, Crossabeg
Theo Lacey, Ferns
Ger Power, Taghmon
Bill Rigley, Enniscorthy Utd
Albert Furlong, Bunclody
(2 Games)
Liam Kelly, Bree
(4 Games)
Suspensions 13.11.17
Robert Ronan, Ferns
Raymond Kelly, Fastnet Rvrs
Jack Foran, New Ross Town
( 2 Games.)
Suspensions 06.11.17
Andrew Kavanagh, St Josephs
Gary Breslin, Curracloe
Wodcich Wazigora, Ferns
Daniel Colibaba,Ferns
David Rioski, New Ross Town
Jaime Cooney, St.Leonards
Barry Nolan, Enniscorthy Utd
John Bridges, Wexford Celtic
Philip Cullen, Wexford Celtic
Mick Stephens, Kiltealy 
Bogdan Heague, Ferns
( 2 Games)
Martin Wadding, Gorey Celtic
Colm Heffernan, Wexford Albion
( 3 Games)
Darragh Kirwan
(2 Games)
Suspensions 02.11.17
Sean Lambert, Cloughbawn
Dave Berney, Crossabeg
Severynn Cadzinn. Bunclody
Conor Breen. All Blacks
2 games
Suspension 23.10.17
Michael Kelly, New Ross Celtic
Lee White, Adamstown
Ryan Furlong, Wexford Celtic
Craig Foster, Gorey Celtic
Craig Travers, Gorey Celtic
Gareth McCurtain, Corach Ramblers
Luke Sinnott, Taghmon
Brian Cosgrave, Killenagh
Oisin Dunbar, Killenagh
Joey McHale, Ferns
Richard Kearney, North End
David Wickham, Rosslare Rangers
Gearoid Byrne, Rosslare Rangers
Colin Nolan, Campile
Adam Foley, Duncannon
John O Leary, Corach Ramblers
Lee Walters, Courtown Hibs
Barry Dobbs, Shamrock Rovers
Ryan Heimsoth, Shamrock Rovers
James Tonks, Ferns
Ryan Nolan, Ferns
( 2 Games )
Peter Nolan, Castledockrell
PJ O Brien, Castledockrell
Shane Mernagh, Castledockrell
( 3 Games)
Larr Zolimes, New Ross Town
( 2 Games)
Suspensions 2.10.17
Blayne Murphy, Caim
Dean Maloney Carne
Conor Mulholland, Camolin
Sean McRobin, Rosslare Port
Andrew Dempsey, Shamrock Rovers
Stuart Lawlor, North End
( 2 Games.)
Gavin Goodison, Gorey Celtic
(1 Game)

Suspensions 25.09.17
Stuart Byrne, Camolin
Kevin Sludds, Ballymurn
Raymond Cahill, Killenagh
Conor Hickey, Adamstown
Ian White, Ross Celtic
Barry Nolan, Enniscorthy Utd
Sean Cloherty, Moyne Rangers
(2 Games.)
Suspensions 18.9.17
Michael Andrews Ferns
Terry Jordan Ferns
Philip Donnelly. St.Cormacs
Severyn Gadzina, Bunclody
Stephen Hempenstall, Gorey Rangers
Ray Adamson, Courtown Hibs
Jason O Reilly, Duncannon
Tony Ryan, Boolavogue
Daragh Corrigan, St.Josephs
(2 Games)
Rian Redmond, Taghmon
(2 Games)
David Lynch, Gorey Celtic
(1 Game )
Suspensions 11.9.17
Martin Flynn Killenagh
Jamie Warren, St Jospehs
Peter Whelan, Ferns
Tony Duggan, Stoney Rovers
Darren Jordan, Forth Celtic
Brian Mullet, Ross Celtic
Cillian Geara, Ferns
( 2 Games.)

WFL Suspension 15.05.17
David Kenny, Bridge Rovers.
(2 Games.)

WFL Suspensions 08.05.17
Shane Doherty, St.Josephs
John Staples, Corach
Robbie Reville, Carne
Wayne O Reilly, Gorey Celtic
Kieran Carthy, North End
John Fitzgerald,St.Cormacs
Matthew Dunne, St Cormacs
(2 Games.)

WFL Suspensions 24..04.17
Gary Lynch, Oylegate
Steve Cousins, Kilmore
Jay Malone, Kilmore
Timmy Bolger, Bunclody
PJ Mulhall, Bunclody
Faron Collier, Bunclody
Ciaran Gartland, Gorey Celtic
Glenn Fortune, Ajax
Ian Travers, Courtown Hibs
Conor Keeling, Crossabeg
Jamie Heffernan, Boolavogue
Ronan Gahan, Ballymurn
Paul Walsh,Ballymurn
Kevin Byrne,Bridge Rovers
Stuart Murphy,Taghmon
David Murphy, New Ross Town
Ger Beary, North End
Kieron Walshe, North End
( 2 Games,)
Chris Doyle, North End 
( 3 Games.)
Chris Cullen, Taghmon
(4 Games.)

Ethan Lahiff, Wexford Celtic
Brandon Maltby, Bridge Rovers
( 2 Games,)






gorey RangersC...








fastnet RoversC...













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